Justice, loyalty, honesty, dedication, diligence and thoroughness are some of the primary principles upon which Brem Moldovsky, L.L.C. was founded and carries on. Through a focused, problem-solving, and result-driven orientation, Brem Moldovsky, L.L.C. provides excellent, caring and highly professional legal services in the areas of business law, litigation, real estate and certain general practice matters. Client goals are pursued pragmatically and creatively. Brem Moldovsky, L.L.C. regularly works alongside and in conjunction with other professionals and law firms on behalf of its clients and is constantly developing and improving its caring and solution-oriented approach.

Achieving numerous stellar results in many practice areas, Brem Moldovsky, L.L.C. has helped clients recover millions of dollars in the pursuit of meritorious claims, has dealt with claims ranging from modest claims to claims in excess of one hundred million dollars, and has also successfully helped clients avoid or mitigate liability in civil, commercial and criminal cases. Brem Moldovsky, L.L.C. provides reliable legal services in many facets of business law, business start up, and in acquiring, managing and selling businesses and real estate. Individuals also receive high quality and dependable legal services in employment, estate planning, consumer claims, insurance matters, and other matters.

Brem Moldovsky, L.L.C. serves a broad range of individual and corporate clients in a variety of industries, including, but not at all limited to: media, high tech, communications, real estate, manufacturing, financial services, import/export, food services, retail, wholesale and many others. Clients include, but are not limited to: private and public companies, start-up companies, investors, accountants, attorneys, medical professionals and businesses, entrepreneurs, developers, lenders, landlords, engineers, professors, artists, contractors, subcontractors and employees, and others located in N.J., N.Y., PA and throughout the U.S. and in other parts of the world.

Current and/or recent clients include: an international public company, attorneys, accountants, business owners, lenders, corporate executives, commercial real estate owners and fund managers.

Brem Moldovsky, Esquire runs Brem Moldovsky, L.L.C. and is assisted by outside counsel, paralegal, clerical, secretarial, investigative, corporate and legal filing, technical and other support. Outside counsel also plays a role in handling matters brought to their attention as generally not actively practiced by Brem Moldovsky, L.L.C. Brem Moldovsky, L.L.C. strives to work cooperatively and seamlessly with the services of other law firms and professionals engaged as required to achieve client goals. Examples of such other professionals include, but are not limited to: accountants, economic experts, real estate professionals, financial professionals, forensic experts, document examiners, other law firms, structural engineers, biologists, environmental inspectors, investigative services, accident reconstructionists, estate planning, insurance and medical professionals.

The firm has received referrals from at least 50+ large law firms and corporate general counsel offices.